• Training Requirements: Athletes must train in their assigned Training Facility an average of twice per week every month throughout the duration of the one year scholarship. Group classes are intended to be the primary training environment. Athletes are asked to submit a training log to We Defy Foundation via a provided webform on a weekly basis. Accurate submissions help WDF ensure a high quality experience for the athlete.
  • Ambassador Mentors: Athletes are assigned a volunteer mentor that is intended to assist with the administration of the We Defy Foundation scholarship. Mentors check on athletes monthly to ensure the athlete is training in accordance with program requirements, and should be the athlete’s initial point of contact at We Defy Foundation if a scholarship related problem arises. Mentors are not intended to provide therapeutic services to the athlete, but should be considered a resource for jiu jitsu and scholarship related questions.
  • Private Lessons: Private lessons, if approved, are intended to assist athletes with disabilities that limit their participation in group classes. They are viewed as a bridge to participation in groups classes and are not intended to provide additional “mat time” or as a supplement to regular class training. Private lessons must be requested by the athlete after consultation with their coach. The request should made with their mentor and passed up to the board. The board will then decide how many lessons are approved and what the next step for the athlete will be, in consultation with the coach if necessary.
  • Holds: An athlete may be put on hold status for various circumstances at the discretion of We Defy Foundation. Holds are typically used when a situation occurs that requires the athlete to miss more than two weeks of training at their gym. Injury holds can be indefinite. Relocation holds will last no longer than two months after an athlete arrives in a new permanent residence, unless there is not a training facility within a 25 minute drive, as a new Training Facility may have to be acquired. Other holds, such as for significant life events requiring adjustment, are limited to two months.
  • Changing gyms: Athlete scholarships are only provided at the athlete’s assigned Training Facility. Training Facility changes may be requested for a number of reasons. It is very important that a Training Facility and athlete are a strong fit for each other, and when this is not the case, a change might be appropriate. Training Facility change requests must be forwarded to the athlete’s mentor for coordination. We Defy Foundation must approve any athlete gym changes PRIOR to the athlete beginning to train there under scholarship, and only approved Training Facilities may be chosen as a new gym. Failure to coordinate with We Defy Foundation prior to a gym switch may invalidate the remainder of the scholarship.